How to Build a Strong Brand


Every brand has a message and promise. However, we’re in a market where consumers have become smarter with their purchasing decisions. Having a well-defined purpose, your WHY? – will separate you from the rest.


Work on differentiating your brand so that you can grab attention and stand out from competitors. To do this, you have to create a unique advantage in the mind of your customers through your logo, colors, and value proposition supported by a kick-ass brand strategy.


Stop talking about shit that doesn’t matter or relate to your brand, everything you do has to be in line with what you stand for. How you answer your phone, the imagery you use, your messaging.. it has to be cohesive. Consistency = recognition = customer loyalty.


People connect by relating, people make buying decisions through how a product or service makes them, or will make them feel. What are you selling? What’s the experience you want a customer to have of your brand?

Find ways to connect on a deeper, more emotional level; people have a basic psychological need to belong, to create bonds and relationships, it’s a huge part of our behaviour. Give your brand a personality and human characteristics.


With the fast-changing market, relevance is key. Your brand needs to be flexible; be creative in your campaigns. Be open to new ideas & methods, use tech and social media to your advantage. This will help you build interest and distinguish yourself from competitors.

Value Added

Great! You have people that love your brand/business and have been loyal to it, reward them for it. Give something away once in a while, this will keep them coming back and referring more customers to you which equals more profit.


Make it a duty to know what your customers say and think about you. It will aid aspects of your brand that you may need to improve.

Employee Involvement

Okay, if you’re a startup, remember as much as it’s your brand, you’re still an employee of it, so this applies to you as well. Now, an employee needs to be well versed in how they communicate the brand’s values, vision and service to customers.

If your brand is fun, quirky and colourful in its branding and messaging, customers can’t expect a grumpy and unwelcoming tone when they call in. By living out your brand you’ll build a strong reputation and brand experience, which ties into emotion, loyalty & more profit.


Don’t do it alone, find other brands that are in line with your vision but not your competition, such partnership always create innovative and beautiful products, campaigns or experiences. “No man is an island.”

Be Patient

Building something worthwhile takes time. You’ll fail, you’ll be challenged, understand that it’s part of the process and the only way to greatness.