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Joe Human Sep 16, 2019


We often neglect the work we have to do on ourselves and wonder why the things we want to achieve fail.

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Joe Human Aug 5, 2019

Finding Balance

You’re the first challenge to restructuring your life and you need to make a conscious decision to become balanced.

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Joe Human Mar 3, 2019


I’m mastering the art of blocking out everything that’s from the exterior, the noise, distractions, and opinions.

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Joe Human Jan 7, 2019


I’m happier and healthier, I’m in a better frame of mind to take care of things that are important to me.

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Joe Human Nov 11, 2018

Learn To Heal

… healing is about the process, the process is being able to instruct yourself and execute that instruction.

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Joe Human Oct 1, 2018


This journey has forced me to search for so much more than what I believed I had found and understood.

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Joe Human Sep 3, 2018

Be Vulnerable

… for the most parts it proves we are still human and imperfect, it’s almost like being in front of our mirrors.

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Joe Human Aug 13, 2018


I don’t ever want to experience a year like 2017 again, making it through was almost a miracle for me.

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Joe Human Aug 5, 2018

She's back in my life..

Writing has been my therapy, back in high school I put together a booklet of words and sold it to my peers, to my surprise it did really well.

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