Tips for Landing Clients

You don’t always have to give freebies or do extra work to bag a client. All you have to do is understand their needs and offer a solution. Purchasing decisions have shifted, if you really want to impress a client here are some guidelines:


We tend to get carried away when a client is briefing us about their idea of project, we interrupt and make suggestions without even knowing we’re doing it. Clients want to hear themselves more than anyone else. Learn to receive, analyze and then respond.

Make Them Feel Special

We’re social beings and 80% the time we want to feel valued and appreciated, this works well with clients. Treat them like a celebrity, a business that is customer-centric always thrives.


Well, you can’t go into a meeting or briefing session without having insight on who you’re potentially about to work with. Researching about a client ensures you ask the right questions, it makes them feel that you’re attentive and knowledgable about your craft.


“So you’re saying the reason your online isn’t doing well is that it’s not optimized for smaller devices and this affects your clients making online purchases, right?”

Repeating what a client says ensures you’re taking key points from the conversation, it also gives the client an opportunity to correct you if you misunderstood what they’re saying and they get to re-communicate their expectation, idea or problem.

Body Language

And you might be wondering “really? A client won’t do business with me cause of how I leaned on the table or stood?” Yes. Sit with your shoulders upright, make eye contact. Have a firm handshake, mind your tone and be confident when you point out your views.

Small Talk

Very key if done right, as much as you’re there to get the business, don’t jump right into it. Get to know some things about your client, maybe compliment their outfit and ask them about their personal style or how they like the coffee space down the road. Being able to relate with your client will go a long way in your relationship. People love to do business with people that like them, people love to do business with people that are like them.

Push Back

Gather all that you can and what your client needs but don’t be a “yes man”.

As much as you want to impress and get paid, you also need to be realistic and manage expectations. Ask open ended questions and disagree only if you can back it up – the worst scenario is pointing out why something won’t work or can’t be done in the way that a client wants and not being able to make them understand why and providing an alternative solution for them.

Know Their Competitor

This screams “I care about your business and I’m the right person to help you get ahead”. You don’t have to be an expert in their industry but being able to input some insight shows you care about their needs.

Add Value

Help your client discover new possibilities, it could be through a different perspective or a detailed explanation of your product or service. You’re not there to just listen, ask questions and head back to deliver their needs. Maybe create a package for them and then, when it’s all costed, add an extra design – one of your entry products or an extra service for “free”. Clients love to feel they’re getting more value than they’re paying for. This is great for return business and customer service.

Dress Up, Show Up. On Time

You’ll lose business because of being late to a meeting or call. You don’t have to go looking like you’re about to hit the red carpet, but dress accordingly and to your style. You represent your business and your offering.