How to Create Great Content


Taking in what others have already put out and rephrasing it isn’t original, no one will link back or share posts that are played out. Being authentic creates value, it gives your followers or audience a better perspective on a product service or idea.


Great content is content that entices someone to share, like, comment or recommend. What’s the end goal when you’re putting stuff out? Are you creating a platform for conversation? Giving our information that can be applied by your audience?


Copy matters! Do not undermine your audience, they’re smart too. Have clear and concise captions and headlines, everyone is fighting for space to be seen and if your content isn’t direct your audience will hardly view it.


Can you imagine a world without aesthetics? Nothing to capture the eye and intrigue the mind? Use crisp and high-res images and or videos to accompany your content or great copy. “A picture says a thousand words”


Great content isn’t just content that looks great but it’s also content that can influence and or educate an audience. What do you want people to leave with after listening to your podcast? Reading your article or engaging with a post? It needs to be valuable.


People love stories, stories also help clarify a point of view and help someone discover the value in your content, it also grabs attention. It creates relatable content which is at the end engaging.


What’s Google really amazing at? Finding what you’re looking for; this concept should be applied to content too. Be ready to give answers so that your audience can gain knowledge where they don’t understand.


Emotive content always wins. As humans, this is where we have a big buy into a product, service, or ideology. People share emotive content because they want to define themselves to others, when we are emotionally triggered we’re activated to share or engage.


Great content is content that is also well researched, this is where you’re able to push ideas, get into a phase of discovery and couple it with your knowledge, creativity and authenticity.

Leverage Trends & Controversy

If we love and hate it then it’s most probably gonna be shared or engaged, but be mindful of how you execute it. It shouldn’t tarnish your brand or make you seem like a trend rider.