Seasons Part II

I’ve been in a trance, I’ve been on a journey to get ahead of my creative curve, my overthinking, my decisions, my imposter syndrome, my anxiety, and finally my healing.. surprised? Well, we’re all constantly healing from something, sometimes self-inflicted but most times by the humans we interact with, love or eventually despise.. but this isn’t about that, this is supposed to be a happy-like piece of writing, at least in my head.

I’m a firm believer in people being able to channel many different purposes, this extends to the people you allow into your life, some are meant to stay the course of your journey, your challenges, your healing, your success, failures, get-back-ups and legacy… while some aren’t. However even those that aren’t meant to stay teach you something valuable that you’ll need in the future, even if that lesson is through pain.

I usually don’t emotionally reflect on my year, I tend to always look back on what I’ve achieved, what I didn’t, and how I can come back stronger the following year, however 2023 really put my emotions to the test, at some point it felt ideal to have my heart ripped out of my chest, (I know it didn’t seem that way on social media) lol. Last year forced to me be vulnerable, to feel and sit with my emotions, to face my demons, bad habits and to always strive in finding the balance between emotive and rational decisions… I can’t say I’ve completely mastered it but I’m a bit more aware of how things affect me and how I channel that energy to let that emotion go, especially if its negative. I’ve learned to detach from what doesn’t serve me, people too.

Reflecting on my year, I’m truly grateful for life, I’m grateful for genuine friends, people that believed in me enough to bet on me and give me a chance. I’m grateful for work, extremely grateful for creativity, love and God. As we pass through our journey of life I am constantly reminded that we also pass through seasons in life, some worse than others but also those that make you feel like you’re on top of the world… I’m constantly reminded to cheer for others, head back to my drawing board and keep creating. Most times we lose line of sight of our vision and purpose because we’re so in tune with what others are doing, what others are achieving so much that we put ourselves under pressure to execute and achieve like them.

I’ve learnt to understand my seasons, some require you to hibernate and work on yourself whilst others require you to execute, some require you to just shut up, observe and learn and others require you to speak up, create, share and engage… whatever season you’re in, you’ll have to sit with it, understand it and do what’s required, don’t make the right moves in the wrong season.

Allow for things to happen, what’s meant for you will be yours, allow yourself to feel, avoid being a prisoner of your own thinking, changing your mind is a sign of intelligence, allow yourself to grow, forgive yourself, you won’t always be right, you won’t always know what’s right, you won’t always have it your way. Forgive the people that have hurt or disappointed you.. it doesn’t mean they’re bad people, they’re just not your people and that’s okay. You’re not for everyone and everyone isn’t for you.

You’re exactly where you need to be, and if that statement doesn’t resonate with you then you hold the power to completely change it and be where you need to be.

I’m not some kind of prophet but I’ll sign out with this; may 2024 be a year of revelations and re-evaluations for you, may your path be lit by your creator and the higher powers you may believe in, may it bring forth success, growth and discernment, I hope you truly get to walk into your purpose or at least start experiencing parts of it.


The power and talent you posses deserves to be seen by the world, your voice and creativity is valid and I hope you constantly believe in yourself even on the days you feel like the world doesn’t.

All Love,