I don’t ever want to experience a year like 2017 again, making it through was almost a miracle for me, our business was failing, relationship slowly fading.. endless calls from home come month end, whilst media had just discovered these two black entrepreneurs who are building cool brands so the interviews, tv shows wouldn’t stop.

Uncomfortable, scraping through the year internally but having to sell a beautiful story consistently, who gives out the Oscar? I’ve contributed to the acting industry too haha..

Eventually moved back home, couldn’t make the bills at the apartment in Sunninghill, the mistakes we’d had made throughout the year had started to kick in.

The streets started talking because that’s what they do… social media was still buzzing and this put me through a dark phase… I wasn’t ready for an L, especially an L that wasn’t going to be known by family and friends only. Its never been in my plans to fail, being home however gave me focus, I figured out what truly matters, and how we’re all just seasons.

Understanding what season you’re in is key to succeeding with your craft. If you’re going through a dark phase, depressed, business isn’t popping & nothings really working out then you’re in your winter season.. winter means hibernate, go back to your drawing board and restructure. Filter out people that should & shouldn’t be a part of your journey, leave that failing relationship, failed agreements, partnerships and focus on your next move…

Summer is for the humans that are popping, social media is always buzzing, every post has a different location, events, fancy dinners, and lunches — they’re nice.. the hype is consistent and they’re making strides at least that’s how they sell it, the fault is failing to understand your season. Sometimes we’re in our winter but choose to make summer moves, we want what we’re not ready for and this causes us to make premature decisions, we execute at the wrong time and this, in the long run, doesn’t have legs.

Work on your winter, rebuild, restructure, and when summer comes you’ll feel it, you’ll know it’s the opportune time, direction is more important than speed. It’s all just seasons.