Effective Small Business Tips

Adapt or Die

Markets shift and customers change, so should brand and the businesses they engage with. Keep adapting, as a small business it’s your duty to be in front of those changes, be it changes in tech, social platforms, or culture. Be a part of the conversation starter.



Branding is broad and has many different extensions, it’s key to look at what’s working for you and what’s not, if you don’t evaluate your branding strategy then you’re blindly following it and hoping it works.



We all tend to search for inspiration in the same places or sites, we all use the same editing apps or watch the same YouTube videos, it’s great because they’re resourceful. What keeps me on top of my game and what keeps our agency @cmindspace relevant is we’re not afraid to search for inspiration in less expected spaces. Look outside of your industry or environment, there’s always something to learn about other processes. Be welcoming to new and unorthodox ideas.



A currency worth respecting in today’s online market, use it well, produce it in quality and not quantity.



Be meaningful, solve a problem. You’ll have to know why you exist, without this, you can’t communicate your narrative effectively.



Whether you’re starting or an existing business, knowing who you’re speaking to will influence a lot of the decisions you’ll make, the content you’ll produce, the mediums you’ll use, tone, messaging, and even marketing your campaigns.


Be Authentic

Don’t try to resemble your competitors. You want your value proposition to be noticed so pay attention to the identity you create, the point of branding is to set you apart anyways.